Whether you're a home handyman, gardener, renovator, carpenter, cabinetmaker, boat builder, or auto restorer, if you work with wood, metal, plastic or fibreglass you will find a place in your workshop, garage or shed for one or more of these products.

Blowfly sander
Multi purpose flap sander.
Wasp sander
The belt sander for your bench drill.
super wheels
Trimmer without the back ache.
super sniper
A trouble free line Trimming head.
sand fly
Hand sanding made easy.
spider sander
This is the disc sander.

the 2 terrys

The two Principals of T and T Design, Terry Walker and Terry Gosschalk have been actively involved in the design and manufacture of wood, plastic and metal products for more than 30 years.

Always on the lookout for a better and easier way to get the job done The 2 Terrys have devised products to fill a need and provide an answer to a problem.

Easy to use and inexpensive watch the video clips and see what they can do for you.

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